Social Impact Awards

  • Best Crisis/Disaster Assistance
  • Best Community Affairs
  • Best Corporate-Community Partnership
  • Best Corporate-Nonprofit Partnership
  • Best Cause Advocacy /Awareness Campaign
  • Best Education /Scholarship Program
  • Best Fundraising /Philanthropic Initiative
  • Best Public Health/Safety Initiative
  • Best Environmental Behaviour Change Award

Ethical Business Practices Awards

  • Best Employee Health/ Safety Program
  • Best Employee Volunteer Program
  • Best Sustainable Green Initiative
  • Best Pro Bono Campaign/Project
  • Best Organisation Transformation
  • Best International Sustainable Community
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Achievement
  • Excellence in Sustainable Supply Chain
  • .

Engagement & Communications Awards

  • Best Media Relations / PR Campaign
  • Best In-House Publication
  • Best Social Media Campaign
  • Best Stakeholder/Employee Engagement
  • Best Cause Related Communication Campaign
  • Best Employee Engagement Scheme

Grand Prix Awards

  • Asian Good Company of the Year
  • Overall Excellence in Social Responsibility
  • Best Eco Focused Organisation
  • Best CSR Event
  • Low budget CSR Campaign
  • Best ECO Product Award

Individual Award Categories

  • Outstanding Individual Corporate Leadership
  • Outstanding Individual Community Hero

The entries are invited for the projects/activities executed from Jan 2022 - Till date. It can be ongoing project started in the given period or it ended in the given period.
• Complete the Submission Write-up document not exceeding 1500 words

• Show examples of your work : It can be through videos, audio clips, presentation boards, web addresses & URLs, etc explaining to the jury the purpose and scope of your CSR project or programme (Upload the same on Google Drive/Youtube/Sound Cloud and share the links).

• Wherever applicable, do indicate the beneficiaries/partners/organisations involved in your CSR programme.

•The Supportives, Writeup to be uploaded on google drive and the google drive link (public share mode) should be included in the nomaintion form and to be emailed to one of the award cordinating team.
1) Introduction 2) Goals 3) Strategy 4) Execution 5) Achievement

Total score is out of 100 points: The jury will be looking for the following to assess the entries.

1) Impact on the community
- What is the direct impact of the programme on its target communities?

2) Planning and Execution
- How imaginative was the core idea, strategy and execution that differentiates your CSR initiative from other programmes?

3) Sustainability
- Does the programme demonstrate long term sustainability and continuous commitment?
- Does the programme demonstrate a clear implementation process to ensure continuity?

The awards are being judged by a distinguished judging panel (The decision of the jury will be final)